Consider The Following Points Before Buying Designer Shoes

Designer Shoes

Designer Shoes

Many people are placing a large amount of importance on the type of shoes that they buy in this day and age. At one stage, many years ago, shoes were only worn as a way of protecting your feet. However in this day and age they more often than not worn to make a statement. Increasingly, they have become a very important part of any woman’s wardrobe and the shoes a woman wears with a particular outfit can either make it or break it. Over the last few years designer shoes for women have become all the rage and although the initial outlay can be expensive they are worth it in the end.

For many women the answer as to whether it is worth spending such a large sum of money on one item will be either yes, no or maybe. But you must remember that designer shoes can cost hundreds and may be sometimes thousands of dollars to buy, and the way in which a woman answers to as to whether they are worth it or not says a lot about her.

For women who say yes it shows that they feel that spending extra on a pair of shoes is worth every cent and it also means that they feel style and fashion are high on their list of priorities.

However those women that decide maybe to the question posed then they will probably only look at buying a pair for a special occasion and that she is willing to pay the price for a one off purchase. But this does not mean that they agree with the prices that are charged (which at times can be exorbitant) it just means that they would on a special occasion pay the price.

But those who say no really do mean that they are very conscious of what they spend on their shoes and are really after value for money over style and being part of the latest fashion craze.

It is hard to believe but the majority of women who were asked this question fell into the no category as they really do not believe and really believe that the price being charged for designer shoes is not worth what you will get.

Although most designer shoes are beautiful to look at, there is also quite a bit of prestige associated with wearing a pair of shoes that have been produced by one of the many famous design houses around the world. Certainly when a woman is wearing a pair of designer shoes, other women and just as many men will sit up and take notice of them. But that is really all a pair of designer shoes are worth where value is concerned.

When looking at purchasing a pair of shoes most women are looking for shoes that will last and unfortunately a lot of designer shoes are not designed to be durable as their construction is not sturdy. Just imagine how you would feel that the $500 pair of shoes you brought a week ago and as you walk down the street the strap or heel breaks on them. You would feel even worse if the $1,200 pair you brought the sole begins to disintegrate after you take a walk in them in light rain.

It is quite simple that most women in this day and age are not willing to spend that sort of money on one pair of shoes, no matter whose name happens to be on them.

When purchasing a pair of designer shoes need to think about what sort of protection they will offer your feet. Unfortunately most designer shoes do not offer this and it seems that the less shoe there is the higher the price you are likely to pay for them. If you look at some of the designer shoes available at the moment, you would wonder how they would stay on your feet and just how much little protection they offer you. In fact some of the designs available today not only offer your feet no protection, but they could be dangerous to wear.

Another issue you have to consider with designer shoes is whether they are comfortable or not. Unfortunately in the fashion world comfort has never played a major role and in most cases you will find the shoes to be extremely uncomfortable to wear. They really offer any support to your feet unless they happen to be designer sneakers (and they would not look good when going out at night with that snazzy little number you are wearing). A lot of models have ruined their feet because they have had to wear designer shoes over a period of time.

But as each woman has their own unique style and different priorities from others, then designer shoes for these women are well worth the money spent. These are the type of women who can easily afford the extravagance of such items and are very interested in the latest fashion trends which have been designed by the top fashion designers.

But what many people do not realize is that though these women are in the minority, the rest would only dream of spending no more than $100 on a good pair of shoes, whilst others would only consider up to $50, you may even find some that would only spend as much as $25 on a pair of shoes.

So think long and hard about when and why you want to spend a large sum of money on a pair of designer shoes before buying them.

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